Unstoppable Domains Launches Single Sign-On Service for Ethereum and Polygon

Unstoppable Domains, a user-controlled digital identity platform using web3 technology, today announced the global launch of ‘Login with Unstoppable’, which provides single sign-on capability for Ethereum and Polygon applications .

The company provides domain names in the form of non-fungible tokens, which are represented as crypto assets on a blockchain, and can be used with the new service to share data online, including email addresses, NFTs. and other information between the applications they use.

“Logging in with Unstoppable provides a foundation for digital identity in the web3 age by allowing people to carry a single username across wallets, apps, services, games and the metaverse,” said Matthew Gould, Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Domains. “NFT domains now become a unique Internet ID that can be used as a login with Web3 superpowers. “

Web3 is the nickname given to decentralized network applications that run on blockchains often in opposition to Web 2.0, which is characterized by social media applications, wikis, blogs, etc.

The normal user experience for Web 2.0 consists of several services, each with its own identifier. This means having to remember a username and password that must be entered for each. Many users use password managers. The goal of Login with Unstoppable is to provide a single sign-on experience for blockchain-based web3 applications where all the user needs is their Unstoppable domain.

“Web3 seeks to disrupt old Web 2.0 technologies and this is an area ready to be disrupted,” said John Furrier, co-founder of SiliconANGLE. “The leading domain names for Web 2.0 were Network Solutions and GoDaddy, and for Web3 it’s Unstoppable. This is another example of how pre-existing technology is being reconfigured and overhauled in the Web3.

This disruption is still ongoing, as Web3 solutions for user identity management become increasingly necessary for the ever-growing ecosystem of decentralized applications based on blockchain technology. Dapps exist in everything from decentralized finance to social media, healthcare, blogging, entertainment, gaming and more. All of these services require connections.

Unlike a username and password on a Web 2.0 service, an NFT domain is entirely owned by the user, since it always remains under the control of the person who holds the cryptographic keys of the asset. So if a user creates a unique domain such as “username.crypto”, that can be used to authorize apps that have been integrated with Unstoppable.

For businesses, Login with Unstoppable is the first free solution that allows users to log in using an NFT. This makes it much easier for businesses to onboard new users, as they can bring their own professional identity with them when they log on.

This launch comes three months after the Login with Unstoppable service entered beta test mode.

Already more than 50 companies have started to integrate the Unstoppable service into their web3 applications. Early integrations include Drakons, MegaCryptoPolis, Farsite, and ChainGuardians gaming apps; the Metaverse Parcel app, the NFT Deadheads and The Radiant Society projects; as well as the DeFi Cook Finance, DeHive and GoodGhosting projects.

“Getting online safely and easily can be a problem on the web,” said Rev Miller, co-founder of Atlantis World, a Web3 social metaverse application. “We believe the new Login with Unstoppable solution can sum up most of this, giving users seamless access to the Metaverse, as well as an identity they can rely on to move forward. “

Any application built on Ethereum or Polygon blockchains can integrate Login with Unstoppable. Thus, enabling application developers to drive greater adoption of web3 to more people through seamless connection experiences.

Image: Unstoppable Domains

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