United Arab Emirates: Smart healthcare technology market to reach $ 21 billion by 2021


Smart healthcare technological innovations to fight the Covid-19 coronavirus and improve people’s daily lives are at the center of UAE healthcare spending topping $ 21 billion by 2021, experts from the United Arab Emirates have said. sector.

The UAE government continues to increase its spending on healthcare, particularly by supporting technological innovations in healthcare that can help manage lifestyle-related illnesses and the coronavirus. As a result, the UAE’s healthcare spending is expected to exceed $ 21 billion by 2021, according to the United States – UAE Business Council.

“Technological innovations in healthcare are driving record-breaking healthcare spending in the UAE,” said Andrew Calthorpe, CEO of Condo Protego, a leading IT infrastructure and solutions providers based in the United Arab Emirates. United Arab Emirates.

“Healthcare providers across the UAE are leveraging technology to help fight the coronavirus now and to deliver new levels of patient-centered healthcare in the future. “

Healthcare providers should follow a 4-step process in their digital transformation: modernize IT infrastructure, maintain 24/7 cloud access, launch mobile apps and improve cybersecurity, according to Condo Protego.

“Running secure, cloud-based digital platforms and mobile applications can provide many benefits for businesses and patients,” added Andrew Calthorpe. “Healthcare technology can help healthcare providers optimize costs, improve physician-patient communication, empower patients to take care of themselves, and protect themselves from harm. cyber threats. “

4 steps for healthcare providers to drive digital transformation

The first step for healthcare providers is to modernize their IT infrastructure.

Using solutions built around the Dell EMC connected health transformation portfolio, healthcare providers can connect physicians, patients, pharmacies and health insurance companies on a digital platform powered by the cloud. Patients can self-monitor their medical records, schedule appointments and manage their payments.

As a result, the UAE is also at the forefront of the smart hospital market in the Middle East and Africa, which Kenneth Research estimates will exceed $ 2 billion by 2023.

Due to social distancing requirements, healthcare providers in the UAE are increasingly turning to cloud-based telehealth measures to treat patients. Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to Veritas high availability solutions to maintain 24/7 access to data for physicians and patients, and to automate their data management.

Once healthcare providers move to the cloud, they need to embrace mobile apps, scale to the cloud as their number of departments and patients grows, and maximize their security. VMware solutions can drive innovation in any application, cloud, or device.

This connected environment sees healthcare providers facing cyber attacks. Many are turning to Secureworks solutions that can help them protect their healthcare networks, but also identify, contain and eradicate cyber threats.

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