The evolving digital consumer health experience

A future where your toothbrush warns you of a risk of cavities and your dressings change color when it’s time to change them isn’t as far away as you think. These value-added digital features are the future of consumer health products, and similar apps are already entering the market.

On October 26, IQVIA’s digital consumer health experts, we’ll be hosting The next wave of personal care in digital health webinar and explore how the next wave of digital health technologies are changing the consumer health landscape, improving user experiences and driving new value for brand owners.

An introduction to digital health

Digital health is the fusion of technology and health products to improve health outcomes.

The first wave of digital health tools enabled users to manage their own health and proactively identify issues requiring healthcare interventions. Wearables and fitness watches monitor health and wellness, providing consumers and healthcare professionals with data on the user’s heart health, exercise and mental health.

However, we are now on the cusp of the next wave of digital consumer health trends.

The evolution of digital health extends beyond wellness apps, to transform how consumers use products. The most innovative companies are looking for ways to use connected sensors, smartphone cameras, diagnostic algorithms and wearable devices to capture data, provide feedback and help consumers and healthcare professionals personalize the way how they manage their own health or that of their patients.

Real world apps

New data points available through the use of technology continually provide what we call “digital biomarkers” – a combination of physical and digital information that provides the ability to identify potential new claims, uses of products and pathways to better health outcomes.

The use of the digital biomarkers captured by these devices can be used by the consumer health industry as objective evidence to support new product development and to validate claims of innovative results, allowing companies to gain a new advantage. on the market.

For example, IQVIA Consumer Health recently used a digital health tool to help a skincare company capture consumer complaints in a real-world study of 500 participants about their experience with a product. The manufacturer was able to use these claims to differentiate the product in the market.

Others are combining consumer products with digital health features to create new value, such as virtual reality pain management that has the potential to compete with physical products. These digital health options can transform how consumers interact with over-the-counter health products and how they perceive their role in the healthcare journey.

A new wave of innovation: Are you on board?

Technology and digitization provide many opportunities for brands to generate performance claims, create new products and add features to existing products that will make them stand out on store shelves. The challenge consumer healthcare companies now face is where to start. The possibilities may be endless, but budgets are limited. Companies need a way to determine how to integrate digital health and diagnostics into their innovation pipelines.

Consumers want products that mirror their other digital experiences, and they’ll be thrilled when familiar brands leverage digital technology to enhance their product experience. It’s an exciting trend. The potential is huge, but it’s uncharted territory for consumer healthcare companies, many of whom don’t know where to start.

To The next wave of personal care in digital health webinar, we’ll answer many of these questions, offering advice on how to maximize the value of your digital health innovation journey. Register now and we look forward to seeing you there.

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