The 2019 Health Tech Influencers List: HealthTech’s Top 30 Influencers in Health IT

Guidance from health technology experts can help IT managers succeed with their organization’s technology implementations.

For the distinguished voices of industry leading the charge, look no further than our annual list of health tech influencers – a collection of must-have blogs, podcasts and social media accounts focused on the role of technology in healthcare.

Just as technology adapts and changes, so does HealthTech List of influencers. This year’s roundup – featuring 30 faces, new and old – has expanded to feature other avenues of online media, including podcasts, Instagram and Twitter. (Want to know who made the list previously? Check out our compilations from 2018 and 2017.)

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David Chou is the CIO of Luye Medical Group, a healthcare service provider operating primarily across the Asia-Pacific region. His personal website offers information on various hot topics in health informatics, such as the Internet of Things and business intelligence.

health podcast

Stephen Krupa, CEO of healthcare software company HealthEdge, hosts the DHIS Breaking Health Podcast, an initiative of the Digital Health Innovation Summit. The four-year-old podcast features conversations with innovators, entrepreneurs and investors providing early insights into technologies set to revolutionize healthcare.

Susannah Fox

As the former CTO of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Susannah Fox uses her blog to help others “navigate the intersection of health and technology”. His publications regularly examine topics such as digital health practices for adolescents and the virtues of health data.

Dr. Eric Topol

Dr. Eric Topol is the author of Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again. Expect regular and insightful reflections on the role of AI in healthcare, healthcare data security and the future of medicine.

Dr Farzad Mostashari

Formerly the National Health Informatics Coordinator at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Farzad Mostashari is now the Interim CEO and Founder of Aledade, an organization that helps primary care physicians focus more on patient health. His widely followed Twitter account discusses topics related to clinical data and electronic health records.

Sue Schade

Sue Schade, Director of StarBridge Advisors, is a health IT veteran with an established 30-year career in health IT management. Its website and Twitter account are aimed at an executive-level readership, with topics that include the value of executive buy-in and collaborative strategies for IT implementation success.


AcademyHealth encourages health research and policy collaboration to meet the needs – current and future – of an evolving health system. The organization extends its reach through its blog, videos and social media, empowering its followers with actionable insights.

Medical Technology Discussion Podcast

Tom Salemi, chief content officer of healthcare event planning company Healthegy, is the host of the Medtech Talk Podcast. Salemi hosts candid conversations with healthcare leaders and innovators who are developing technologies to make healthcare more efficient.

Joe Babaian

Joe Babaian is co-editor of the Healthcare Leadership Blog – HCLDR for short – whose content focuses on improving healthcare through technology, process and education. Babaian is a co-moderator of #HCLDR, an active and thriving healthcare social media community. He is also Director of Business Development for HealthcareVistas.

Colin Hung

Colin Hung is Marketing Director of and Co-Publisher of HCLDR. He is also a member of Hacking Health, an organization dedicated to improving healthcare through collaborative innovation, and maintains a strong health IT presence on Twitter.

Jodi Daniel

Jodi Daniel has a defined goal of putting people at the center of healthcare. His work, which marries law, politics, technology and business strategy, strives to do just that. Daniel subscribers will get insights in these areas that can ultimately help them achieve their business goals.


HIMSS – the Healthcare Management and Information Systems Society – is arguably the best-known nonprofit organization focused on health informatics. But subscribers might not know that it hosts an extensive library of online resources that includes videos and several podcasts. The vast inventory of content offers information on cybersecurity challenges, healthcare collaboration, and even advice from “Nurse eMentors” on nursing informatics careers.

Dr. Christopher Longhurst

Dr. Christopher Longhurst

Dr. Christopher Longhurst is CIO and Associate Chief Medical Officer at UC San Diego Health. On his Twitter account, Longhurst often shares stories about doctors in healthcare IT positions, influential health technologies, patient data security and public health.

Sherry Reynolds

Sherry Reynolds is passionate about the health technology industry. This passion shines through in her tweets and through eHealth Leaders News, a website she runs with healthcare and innovation news.

Digital health today

Dan Kendall is editor and host of Digital Health Today, a podcast that explores health issues affecting communities around the world — and how new tech solutions are moving from ideation to implementation. The podcast covers digital health, telehealth, artificial intelligence, wearable technology and more.

Dr Andrew Watson

As Physician and Medical Director of Telemedicine for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Dr. Andrew Watson is a leading advocate for implementing appropriate healthcare technology to improve outcomes. for patients. His Twitter posts offer first-hand accounts of how telehealth is changing the healthcare landscape.

Lisa Suenen

Lisa Suennen is one of two co-hosts of Tech Tonics, a bi-monthly podcast focusing on people at the intersection of health and technology. Suennen also maintains a strong presence on Twitter, providing followers with the latest digital health news.

Dr Daniel Kraft

Dr. Daniel Kraft is the Founder and Chairman of Exponential Medicine and is an advocate for innovations that will revolutionize healthcare. Recently, Kraft was featured in National geographic as author of the publication’s lead article, “‘Connected’ and High-Tech: Your Medical Future.”

Discussion on health technologies

Healthcare Tech Talk is a podcast focused on technology used in healthcare delivery. The show hosts conversations with industry experts who discuss telehealth, deep learning, and wearable technology, among other topics.

Dr. Geeta Nayyar

Having been named a HIMSS19 Social Media Ambassador and one of the “26 Smartest People in Health IT” by Becker’s Health IT & CIO Report, Dr. Geeta Nayyar, Chief Medical Officer of Greenway Health, is a recognized leader nationwide in health informatics. His Twitter account offers a doctor’s perspective on the topics of health technology, health IT collaboration and patient engagement.


HealthcareInfoSecurity is a multimedia website providing relevant and actionable healthcare IT information to healthcare security managers in the form of blogs, interactive e-books, podcasts, and more. The site’s media reviews the latest news on healthcare security, HIPAA compliance and risk management.

Dr Kevin Pho

Dr. Kevin Pho originally founded in 2004. The online platform has since grown to boast 3 million page views per month and is now a trusted source for healthcare knowledge sharing through to personal stories of doctors, medical students, patients and others.

The Office of the National Coordinator of Health Informatics

The Office of the National Coordinator of Health Informatics

The Office of the National Health Technology Coordinator (ONC) is at the forefront of national health technology efforts. The agency’s social media accounts, blogs, and videos serve as resources for the broader healthcare community as it champions the adoption and promotion of health informatics and the exchange information to improve health care.

Christine Farr

CNBC health and technology reporter Christina Farr has built a large and extremely active following on Twitter for several years sharing the latest in biotechnology and digital health.

GeekWire Health Technology

James Thorne hosts GeekWire’s Health Tech podcast, exploring the latest trends in digital health. The podcast features in-depth discussions with tech innovators, doctors, and others in an effort to give listeners a window into the latest ideas in health and wellness.

Dave from Bronkart

Dave deBronkart is a leading advocate for patient engagement through his blog, e-Patient Dave. After beating stage 4 kidney cancer in 2007, deBronkart became a blogger, health policy advisor and international speaker, sharing his medical experience with listeners from the patient’s perspective in hopes of improving patient care. patients.

KLAS Blogs

KLAS Research is a healthcare informatics data company providing industry information on software and services used around the world. The blog pursues its goal of improving global healthcare by exploring a range of topics, including security and privacy, value-based care, and ambulatory and post-acute care.

Christine Jacob

Christine Jacob, founder of Digi-Bridges, a healthcare strategy agency, is an exemplary contributor to conversations on Twitter about IT and healthcare technology. Subscribers typically find her posts on the topics of telehealth, digital health solutions, and the implications of mobile health in healthcare.

Dr Shafiq Rab

Dr. Shafiq Rab is chief information officer and senior vice president at Rush University Medical Center. Follow Rab on Twitter for regular updates on transforming healthcare delivery through innovative technology.

Marie Griskewicz

As a digital health and policy expert, Mary Griskewicz participates in many conversations on Twitter about health IT and data privacy. She often attends major health care conferences across the country, with her followers enjoying real-time updates in her feed.

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