Special registration period to be kept on the health website to obtain or modify insurance plans

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have determined that the COVID-19 emergency presents exceptional circumstances for consumers in accessing health insurance and will offer a special enrollment period for individuals and families to apply for and subscribe to. the coverage they need. This SEP will be available to consumers in the 36 states served by markets that use the HealthCare.gov platform, and CMS will conduct outreach activities to encourage those who are eligible to sign up for health coverage.

From February 15, 2021 and through May 15, 2021, consumers will be able to access SEP through a variety of channels: through HealthCare.gov directly, the Marketplace call center, or direct registration channels. Consumers who are eligible and enroll in this SEP will be able to select a plan with coverage that begins prospectively on the first of the month following plan selection. Consumers will have 30 days after submitting their request to choose a plan. Current registrants will be able to upgrade to any plan available in their region without restriction at the same level of coverage as their current plan.

In order to use this SEP, current registrants will need to go through their application and make any necessary changes to their current information and submit their application in order to receive an updated eligibility result that provides the SEP before continuing with registration. This SEP opportunity will not involve new application questions or require consumers or enrollment partners to provide new information not otherwise required to determine eligibility and enroll for coverage. Additionally, consumers will not need to provide documentation of an eligible event (for example, loss of a job or the birth of a child), which is typically required for SEP eligibility.

The Northeast Missouri Area Agency on Aging .8314, to see if you qualify for a special registration period. The browser will help you explore your choices and registration options.

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