Radius Care offers new offers through its free healthcare app for Medicare patients and their families

Fremont, California: Radius Care, a health technology company committed to minimizing the burden of healthcare decision-making for Medicare members and their families, announced the next evolution of its brand, website and its user platform, MyRadiusCare.com. Through a data collaboration with Medicare.gov, the new website complements the company’s expanded capabilities by providing secure medical records and personalized assistance to its members and their family care advocates. The company is now using the additional and detailed data made available by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as part of their important initiative to enable certain verified partners to access diagnostic and treatment data on behalf of Medicare members.

Radius Care is the only CMS-approved software that actively monitors a patient’s Medicare health data and, based on anonymized Medicare.gov results-based data, recommends top-rated physicians, facilities, and services each time their health profile changes. This is truly a game-changer for Medicare members who struggle to understand often conflicting information and their families’ desire to collaborate on important health care decisions in the absence of accurate health data.

“The care of many elderly patients falls to an adult child who often juggles a full-time career, his own children, and personal responsibilities at the same time,” said founder Justin Huddy. “Radius Care provides them with a secure portal to view their loved one’s medical history to make informed decisions.

According to the CDC, more than two-thirds of older adults in the United States who have two or more chronic conditions also suffer from subjective cognitive decline (SCD), which includes more frequent worsening or confusion and memory loss. Despite these barriers, seniors often search the Internet for healthcare options on their own or rely on an adult child for help.

Radius Care made it possible. Entering the patient’s Medicare number is all that is required for Medicare members and their families to use the platform. Radius Care then connects to the patient’s medical history and records securely, reviews the anonymized data, and develops an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the patient’s health issues. The individual’s complete medical history, medications, current conditions, and providers, along with results-based recommendations for treatment, facilities, and providers in their immediate area, are populated into a consistent profile that the member and his family care workers can easily navigate. .

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