Arizona-based health tech startup Dollar Care, Inc. announced the introduction of its online platform DollarCARE

PHOENIX, Arizona, March 31, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – The DollarCARE platform ( of Dollar Care, Inc., allows people without health insurance or high deductibles to research and find providers near them that offer the lowest prices on medical and dental procedures, treatments, and services. Individuals can select a procedure followed by a location and instantly access the average market prices of their area followed by a list of providers with low and transparent prices.

“Given the unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in, we are likely to see more and more people without insurance and / or with very high deductible plans paying insane amounts for procedures and services,” Mack Baniameri said. , Co-Founder of Dollar Care, Inc. “The reason is that consumers have no idea how much a medical or dental procedure will cost until the bill arrives. And more importantly, consumers don’t have an easy way to purchase the best prices for medical and dental needs. Our goal is to make healthcare more affordable and user-friendly. We do this by negotiating fair prices with high quality suppliers and passing the savings on to consumers. “

The DollarCARE platform also enables independent healthcare providers to compete and grow their business by attracting patients paid in cash. Healthcare providers who offer low prices on the DollarCARE platform can connect directly with consumers who shop online for the best medical and dental deals.

“The fact that the Trump administration will require all hospitals across the country to provide clear prices for all their procedures from January 2021 proves that the days of hidden and inflated health care prices are over,” said Baniameri. “If a consumer can search for the best prices on hotels and airline tickets, they should have the same ability to search for the best prices for health care procedures and services. “

About Dollar Care, Inc.
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Dollar Care, Inc.
2303 N. 44th St. Suite 14-1280 Phoenix, AZ 85008
Phone. : 800.213.1854

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26 Vancouver hospitals adopt health care app that saves lives in British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital are among 26 Vancouver-area health facilities adopting new app to fight COVID-19. The app allows hospitals to track staff and resources in real time and direct them to where they are needed most. No such system existed until the launch of this application.

Vancouver-based tech company Thrive Health has acknowledged that hospitals are facing a crisis in managing supplies and human resources. Thrive hired another Vancouver-based tech company, Traction on Demand, and with support from and the Government of British Columbia, jointly conceptualized, built and deployed the COVID-19 Critical Care Resource Management application.

“British Columbia’s world-class talent are coming together to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19,” said British Columbia Premier John Horgan. “It is reassuring to see businesses and government joining forces to answer the call. This new app is an example of British Columbia’s leaders in solving technology and healthcare challenges to save lives around the world.

Built on the Salesforce platform, the app is customizable by healthcare providers, scalable without any new data centers, accessible from any permanent or temporary facility around the world, and portable by practitioners on n any device.

“In times of crisis, being able to track your personnel and critical supplies in real time is crucial, so that they can be allocated effectively and efficiently to save lives and relieve pressure on the system,” says David Helliwell. , co-founder and CEO of Thrive Health.

Traction on Demand is one of the largest dedicated Salesforce consulting and technology partners in North America. Their expertise on the Salesforce platform was leveraged to quickly design and build the app.

“This collaboration has been an opportunity for us to give away what we are good at,” said Greg Malpass, Founder and CEO of Traction on Demand. “When communities and organizations come together and offer their expertise, amazing things can happen and lives will be saved. I have incredible gratitude to our partners in this effort for their generosity, ingenuity, focus, foresight and speed. ”

The application:

  • Allows healthcare workers to specify which workers, ventilators, and personal protective equipment they have on hand at any given time, as well as their facility’s current occupancy and resource capacity.

  • Refers patients to hospitals in their area where the most immediate and appropriate care can be provided.

  • Serves as a communication hub for collaboration between healthcare providers within a site or between regions.

  • Offers advanced reporting capabilities to ensure information is available at all levels of system management, from hospital department managers to regional health authorities.

While hospitals can install their own stand-alone version, the app can also be installed by regional authorities, giving them an overview of the usage and capacity of their entire network. Authorities may also choose to launch the app alongside the public-facing Thrive Health COVID-19 self-assessment app, which collects data on COVID-19 symptoms voluntarily provided by local residents and identifies areas geographic areas with local viral epidemics. This allows resources to be transferred to health facilities in potential epidemic areas before the increase in hospitalizations.

To learn more, visit

Salesforce, and others are among the trademarks of, inc.

About traction on demand

Traction on Demand is one of the largest consulting and application development companies dedicated to Salesforce in North America. The company helps commercial and nonprofit organizations design, develop, and implement Salesforce technology. Traction on Demand is a proud B Corporation. Visit for more information.

About Thrive Health

Thrive Health is a software company founded with a mission to improve the delivery of healthcare in Canada and around the world. The company is helping millions of Canadians track their COVID-19 symptoms on the / covid19-app using the # 1 medical app on Google Play and Apple App Store. Visit for more information.

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Advances in Healthcare Technology Raise Data Privacy Concerns

As new technologies enter the healthcare system, the collection and use of data raises concerns about patient privacy. Although the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulates how patient information may be shared, the scope of the policy means that many newer channels fall outside its purview. The challenges of data availability and confidentiality have been described from a recent perspective in Circulation.

While some assume that HIPAA covers all health-related data, it does not protect anonymized information or data from entities not covered by the law. This excludes a large amount of health data from the scope of HIPAA, including data that could be re-identifiable. Smartphone apps are one example. A recent study showed that 19 medical apps shared data with 55 individual entities. Users may not realize that, for example, a nutrition app combined with smartphone location tracking could be used to infer food choices and make health predictions.

Likewise, patient online activity could play a role in how data is dispersed. A combination of search terms, sites visited for information on symptoms or illnesses, and even personal health stories shared online could be used by third parties to triangulate patient information. Since much of the data that travels via a mobile device or online is unregulated, stakeholders, including advertisers, search engines, and credit card companies, could look up patient data to sell to third parties. A potential concern that arises from this is the creation of “health scores” based on patient data, which could inform insurance coverage or even employment. Since much of this could be correlated using non-health data, it may not be covered by non-discrimination laws.

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Researchers have identified 2 main areas of concern that should be addressed by healthcare professionals. Clinicians should educate themselves on how to safely use digital data to educate patients on the subject. For example, patients need to understand which types of data are covered by HIPAA and which are not. Healthcare providers can also advocate for better legislation regarding the use of healthcare information, which could resemble the general data protection regulation in force across the European Union. While policies such as HIPAA have been in place for some time, the United States is expected to create additional and updated health data protection regulations. Overall, concerns about data sharing should be taken into account when it comes to health-related data to ensure patient safety and privacy. If used with care, the ease of collecting and sharing data can be of great benefit to patients and providers.


Golbus JR, Price WN, Nallamothu BK. Privacy Gaps for Digital Cardiology Data: Big Problems with Big Data. Circulation. 2020; 141: 613-615.

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Medici Virtual Healthcare app wins BIG Innovation Award 2020

AUSTIN, Texas, January 28, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Medici, a virtual healthcare company based in Austin, announced today that she has been named the winner of the Innovation Awards 2020 presented by the Business Intelligence Group.

With the Medici secure messaging app, doctors and patients can connect via text, call or video, from anywhere using the same smartphone they use for ridesharing or online shopping. This allows patients to chat with their healthcare provider or veterinarian at any time, and physicians to extend care and get paid without additional fees or burdensome hours.

The latest telehealth report from Chilmark Research, Primary care for the 21st Century: Technology and on demand, found that the growing imbalance between supply and demand for primary care results in an average wait time of 29.3 days for a primary care appointment in large metropolitan areas.

Medici’s e-book, “Un-breaking the health system,” based on a survey of 800 healthcare consumers, found that one in three said they went to the emergency room to avoid inconvenience and inconvenience. delays related to the consultation of his doctor. Many have given up on care altogether because it was too difficult to get an appointment.

Medici relies on mobile technology to solve these problems by connecting patients with their providers, as well as enabling patients to find new doctors in their area. Providers are able to provide care in minutes or hours, saving patients the hassle and expense of scheduling and traveling to their appointments.

“We entered the healthcare market in 2016 to disrupt it,” said Clinton Philips, founder and CEO of Médicis. “We have created an easy-to-use yet powerful mobile communication tool for providers and patients that in just three years has evolved into a robust virtual care platform used by 30,000 physicians.

For a fixed monthly fee, Medici offers physicians more than a dozen innovative features, including secure text messaging, video and audio consultations, electronic prescriptions, translation in over 25 languages, integrated billing, integration electronic files, group messages, electronic references and more. . Many doctors get their monthly fees back after just three visits.

“Innovation has become a major theme for organizations in virtually every industry and this year’s winners are a testament to the creativity, passion and perseverance of individuals around the world,” said Maria jimenez, COO of the Business Intelligence group. “We are delighted to honor the Medici as they lead by example and make real progress in improving the daily lives of so many people.”

Organizations around the world have submitted their recent innovations for consideration at the BIG Innovation Awards. The nominations were then judged by a select group of business leaders and executives who volunteered their time and expertise to score the submissions.

About Medici
Medici is working to change the way healthcare is delivered by recreating the doctor-patient relationship. With the secure messaging app, doctors and patients can connect by text, call or video, from anywhere and on their schedule. This allows patients to chat with their doctor, veterinarian, or therapist anytime, and clinicians to extend care and get paid without overhead or tedious schedules. With more than 20,000 doctors on the platform, Medici is leading the way in the future of healthcare. For more information visit

Media contact: [email protected] or (480) 664-8412

About the Business Intelligence group

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other rewards programs in the industry, these programs are judged by business executives with experience and knowledge. The organization’s proprietary and unique rating system selectively measures performance across multiple business areas and then rewards companies whose accomplishments exceed those of their peers.

SOURCE Medicis

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Color Quest AR Children’s Healthcare app exceeds 1 million downloads

Stayhealthy’s popular Color Quest AR app, dedicated to educating and engaging kids about their health using augmented reality, coloring and health facts, just hit the mark million downloads. The Snack Town All-Stars, a group made up of characters from the world of Color Quest, reached number 5 on Apple Music’s children’s Christmas playlist with their latest release, “The Healthy Holiday Mashup.”

“We are delighted to see the All Stars become a leader in children’s music and entertainment,” said Paul Ring, President of Stayhealthy Music and Entertainment. “To be recognized by Apple Music and added to their children’s Christmas playlist is very gratifying when we are in the company of Raffi, Baby Shark, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Frozen and White Christmas. The best part of everything is knowing that the kids will celebrate the holidays by staying active and singing healthy food songs.

“It’s great to see how the Color Quest brand and the Snack Town All-Stars character set are developing. It’s pretty amazing that the Color Quest YouTube video has over 29 million views, but we’re especially proud that the app received 5 star reviews from the Apple Educational App Store and was the app. educational trend number one on Google Play, ”said John Collins, CEO of Stayhealthy. “Now, with the app’s 1 million downloads, it really sends the message that parents and kids welcome the opportunity to learn more about health and nutrition while having fun. “

The new version of Snack Town All-Stars, “The Healthy Holiday Mashup,” features a mix of the most popular holiday songs with fun health messages throughout. The track is the latest of Stayhealthy Music and Entertainment’s music and dance videos for kids that combine active engagement and healthy living education. The group’s first release, “The Stayhealthy Shake,” which has over 700,000 views on YouTube (and with the Holiday Mashup now boasts over 100,000 streams), was developed to meet the company’s continuing mission of ” encourage children to be more active.

Stayhealthy Music and Entertainment was founded by Stayhealthy, Inc., a company dedicated to innovating new ways to engage, educate and empower people about their personal health and well-being. The new company recently signed with Universal Music Group the worldwide distribution of its children’s music.

Please visit

For more information:

About Stayhealthy, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Stayhealthy Inc. is a healthcare technology company that has brought together the most advanced tools to measure, track and modify the health and wellness status of millions of users. Over the decades, Stayhealthy has learned what goes wrong in healthcare and as a result has identified engagement, education and retention as its primary strategic initiatives. Stayhealthy is now launching a mobile platform with applications based on highly accurate and clinically valid screening tools delivered with patented augmented reality technology.

Led by President and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Governor Tommy Thompson, Stayhealthy’s mission has focused on tackling the growing epidemic of diseases directly linked to excess body fat, such as many cancers, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

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PM Modi to Unveil Updated Version of AB-PMJAY Healthcare App on October 1, Health News, ET HealthWorld

By Priyanka Sharma

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch an updated version of the healthcare mobile app, Ayushman Bharat – Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) on October 1.

According to the schedule, Modi will unveil the AB-PMJAY mobile app at a national “Gyan Sangam” mega event to be held from September 30 to October 1 in New Delhi to highlight the progress and achievements of the program.

The highly advanced and user-friendly mobile application will have special features such as – checking hospitals, contacting ambulance, knowing your doctors, checking your portfolio details, among other facilities for easy user access.

“This new version of the AB-PMJAY mobile app has unique features. It is designed in a more practical way. The old version of the PMJAY mobile app was very basic and only focused on beneficiaries. The new PMJAY app will bring together all stakeholders under one roof to obtain real-time data from beneficiaries, hospitals, medical packages, doctors, relevant people from the insurance company, the National Health Agency and the ‘National Health Agency,’ said the official who developed the new version of PMJAY.

“The app will also have an ambulance that will automatically connect the patient to it. In addition, patients can upload their medical records through a special function of the cam scanner. All beneficiary data is kept under high security,” said one said the manager.

“We provide 100% mobile governance and take a step forward from e-governance. We want everything available on the AB-PMJAY ecosystem to now be covered on the new version of the AB-PMJAY mobile app and should be used by users. friendly, ”said the director general of the National Health Authority, Dr Indu Bhushan.

The previous version of the AB-PMJAY app had around 2.5 lakes of active users, while the total download was 3.5 lakes in the past year.

AB-PMJAY is a centrally sponsored program with a central sector component under the Ayushman Bharat mission anchored in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). It brings together two major health initiatives, namely the health and well-being centers and the national health protection regime.

The program will cover more than 10 million poor and vulnerable families (approximately 50 million beneficiaries) providing coverage of up to 5 lakh rupees per family per year for secondary and tertiary hospitalizations.

Recently, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said September 23 would be celebrated as Ayushman Bharat Diwas. The fortnight from September 15 to 30 will be marked as “Ayushman Bharat Pakhwara” where several activities will be carried out in the United States to raise awareness around the program and celebrate this gift of health to the nation.

In the past year, Ayushman Bharat has relieved 45 lakhs of patients who have been admitted to hospitals for medical services, 10 crores of electronic cards have been issued and more than 18,000 hospitals have been established across the country.

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Hackers attack Indian healthcare website, steal 68 lakh records

In a startling revelation, US cybersecurity firm FireEye said on Thursday that hackers broke into a leading India-based healthcare website, stealing 68 lakh files containing information about patients and doctors.

Without naming the website, FireEye said the cybercriminals – mostly based in China – were selling stolen data directly to healthcare organizations and web portals around the world, including India in underground markets.

In February, a bad actor by the name of ‘fallensky519’ stole 6,800,000 records associated with an India-based healthcare website that contains patient information and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), doctor, PII and credentials, ”FireEye said in its report shared with IANS.

Between October 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, FireEye Threat Intelligence observed several databases associated with healthcare for sale on underground forums, many of them for less than $ 2,000.

FireEye said it continues to witness a concerted focus on acquiring health care research by several Chinese Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups.

“In particular, it is likely that a unique area of ​​interest is cancer research, reflecting China’s growing concern over rising cancer and death rates, and domestic health care costs. accompanying it, ”noted the cybersecurity agency.

Open source reports indicate that cancer death rates have increased dramatically in recent decades, making cancer the leading cause of death in China.

As the People’s Republic of China (PRC) continues to strive for universal healthcare by 2020, the control of costs and domestic industry will surely affect the PRC’s strategy to maintain political stability, ”he said. FireEye report.

Another likely motivation for APT’s activity is financial: the PRC has one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in the world, creating lucrative opportunities for domestic companies, especially those that provide treatment or oncology services.

“Targeting medical research and study data can allow Chinese companies to bring new drugs to market faster than their Western competitors,” the report says.

In early April this year, suspected Chinese cyber espionage actors targeted a US-based health center with a strong focus on cancer research with the “EVILNUGGET” malware.

APT22 – a Chinese group that has focused on biomedical, pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations in the past and continues to be active – has also targeted this same organization in previous years.

In the same month, several researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Research were fired over concerns about the theft of medical research on behalf of the Chinese government.

One theme that FireEye has observed among Chinese cyber espionage players targeting the healthcare sector is the theft of large sets of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI).]

Beyond Chinese nexus groups, FireEye Intelligence observed a wide variety of other cyber espionage actors and nation states involved in targeting the healthcare sector, including the Russian nexus APT28.

“The valuable research carried out within some of these institutions continues to be an attractive target for nation states seeking to overtake their domestic industries,” the report noted.

As the use of biomedical devices increases, the potential for them to become an attractive target for disruptive or destructive cyber attacks – especially by actors willing to take greater risk – may present a more contested attack surface than ‘today,’ the report says.

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Glasgow healthcare apps company gets six-figure injection

Back row: Rob Halliday, SIS Ventures fund manager, and Scott Crae of Talking Medicines. Front row: Jo Halliday of Talking Medicines, Elizabeth Fairley of Talking Medicines and Thomas Gillan, Deputy Director General of SIS. Image: Ian Jacobs Photography

Talking Medicines – founded by Jo Halliday, Scott Crae and Elizabeth Fairley – has accepted its first institutional investment in a new round of funding valued at £ 622,000.

Founded in 2013, the company has developed and launched an app, called Medsmart, that can help patients better manage their medications at home.

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The latest round of funding was led by SIS Ventures and included investments from private investors and company founders, as well as the Scottish Investment Bank. This brings the amount raised by the company to £ 1.2million for Medsmart over the past two years.

Halliday, who is the CEO of the company, said: “This latest round of investment demonstrates the growing support around the vision of enriching the patient experience and understanding how their medications are taken.

Thomas Gillan, Director of SIS Ventures, said: “We are delighted to have made our first investment in a business as focused and impact-driven as Talking Medicines. Although still a young company, Talking Medicines has established a strong initial traction with consumers, pharmaceutical companies and the investment community.

“Working with Jo and the team, we look forward to supporting them on their journey to become the global benchmark for real-world information on consumer drug use. “

Kerry Sharp, Director of Scottish Investment Bank, the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise, added: “This agreement represents an exciting step forward in the growth of Talking Medicines. “

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Halodoc in Indonesia raises $ 65 million to develop high-tech healthcare app

SINGAPORE – Halodoc, Indonesia’s largest telemedicine platform, has raised $ 65 million from investors in Singapore, South Korea and China, reflecting the growing healthcare needs of the world’s largest populated by Southeast Asia.

Halodoc, which counts Indonesian unicorn Go-Jek among its existing investors, said Monday it has received new funding from UOB Venture Management and Singtel Innov8, venture capital funds affiliated with United Overseas Bank and Singapore Telecommunications, among other investors.

The Halodoc app is an online platform that connects patients with doctors. Licensed physicians provide video call consultations, primarily for common illnesses. Founded in 2016, the startup already has more than 2 million users and 20,000 registered doctors. It also works with 1,300 pharmacies to deliver drugs to customers.

Halodoc said the $ 65 million fundraising would be used to develop its technology and infrastructure, as well as to expand partnerships with hospitals and healthcare providers across Indonesia. “There is huge potential for us to use technology to extend the reach of conventional healthcare, providing better access to the archipelago’s large population,” Halodoc CEO Jonathan Sudharta said in a statement. .

The fundraiser comes as Ping An Good Doctor, a Chinese competitor with 265 million users last December, plans to enter Southeast Asian markets this year through its partnership with Grab, a Singapore-based carpooling. Grab CEO Anthony Tan told the Nikkei Asian Review in a February interview: “This year we will be launching into the hands of customers across South East Asia.

Indonesia’s 260 million people are short of doctors as economic growth drives demand for health care. According to the World Health Organization, Indonesia had only 0.2 physicians per 1,000 population in 2012, the latest year for which data was available, compared to 2.56 per 1,000 population in the United States and 1 , 81 in China.

Digital technologies such as telemedicine are helping to alleviate this problem. Halodoc is an industry leader in Indonesia. The optimistic outlook for online healthcare has helped Halodoc attract new investors for the latest fundraiser, including Korea Investment Partners and Chinese healthcare technology company WuXi AppTec.

UOB, which was the largest investor in this cycle with an undisclosed investment, announced a regional alliance with Grab last November. Its investment in Halodoc, a subsidiary of Go-Jek, is a separate business, a UOB spokesperson said.

Online healthcare is booming in Southeast Asia due to lack of doctors and loose regulation. Large hospitals have also started partnering with startups, including the Singapore-listed Raffles Medical Group, which launched a 24-hour telemedicine platform in January through a partnership with local startup Doctor World.

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Native American Doctor and Wife Launch New Health Care Website in Illinois

Ish and Deepali Singla with their children (Courtesy: Facebook)

NEW YORK – Native American physician Ish Singla, interventional cardiologist at Springfield Clinic and his wife Deepali Singla have launched a website to give patients around the world a way to post and read reviews of hospitals, doctors and companies health insurance ; called

Deepali got the initial idea for the website during her high-risk pregnancy for their now one-year-old twins.

Already parents to 9 and 4-year-old daughters, the Singlas searched online for consumer reviews of local hospitals and doctors, but found little information, according to a State Journal Register report, but were ultimately happy with their selection of a Springfield. Obstetrician Clinic and HSHS St. John’s Hospital, where the twins, born 12 weeks prematurely, spent two months in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Costing around $ 100,000 to develop so far, the website has been used by around 70 people, mostly colleagues and friends in the United States and abroad. Ish is hoping they get more from online marketing because he wants HealthSoul to be a more comprehensive and in-depth website for healthcare consumers than Yelp and

According to a 2016 article in the American Bar Association Journal, a 2015 survey by market research firm Mintel Group Ltd. found that 54% of those surveyed said online reviews influenced their purchases.

“The credibility of these reviews is essential for the markets to continue to buzz and consumers to come back again and again. But too much of a good thing can raise eyebrows. The Mintel survey showed that 57% of consumers were suspicious of companies that had only positive reviews, ”the article said.

Singla said revenue from the website, which is free to consumers and healthcare providers, will be generated from advertising and fees that doctors’ offices can pay to be able to request appointments for patients through the site.

The website is packed with features including:

  • Suppliers can also post their ratings on HealthSoul for free and the packages they can purchase will allow them access to additional features on the site as well as the use of positive reviews on their own websites.
  • Doctors, hospitals and insurance companies will be able to create free accounts and respond to consumer reviews, but they will not be able to block or edit them.
  • In addition, patients who wish to post on the site can register and create their own user credentials while having the option of remaining anonymous.
  • The software on the site can detect when users post multiple reviews as a form of harassment or when they may post fake reviews and those reviews can be deleted or blocked.
  • The site uses a five-star rating system and asks reviewers to rate hospitals in five categories: overall satisfaction, physician care, nurse care, hospital cleanliness, and hospital catering.
  • Doctors will be assessed on categories such as hospital care, outpatient care, explanations of diagnoses, confidence, ease of booking appointments, and wait times.
  • Insurance companies will be evaluated based on factors such as customer service, cost satisfaction and claims handling.
  • Patients can post questions to the site that other users and healthcare providers can answer.
  • Patients who are “users” on the site can learn from other users while hospitals and insurance companies, who are “providers” on the site, will have “a way to improve the patient experience by providing timely feedback ”.

Singla said HealthSoul will eventually integrate this health care performance data from the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Singla also noted that hospitals that score high for patient experiences tend to have better scores for “patient outcomes” and that government-released patient satisfaction scores are limited in their usefulness because all of them. patients are not interviewed.

Ish attended medical school in India before coming to the United States for training in internal medicine and cardiology and was at the Springfield Clinic for four years while Deepali holds an MBA.

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