New Zealand Healthcare App Promotes Better Outcomes for Medicinal Cannabis Patients


New Zealand health and wellness company Ora Pharma launched a new app to help patients integrate medical cannabis into their healthcare safely and effectively.

Studies have shown that mobile health (mHealth) applications, similar to Ora Pharm app, can help improve healthcare outcomes and reduce physician workload, which may appeal to busy GPs.

The Ora Pharm app, considered the first of its kind in New Zealand, allows patients to track their medication (including medicinal cannabis), dosage information, symptoms, mental well-being, and other health and fashion factors of life using their smartphone.

Patients can learn how changes to their medications and lifestyle make them feel and adjust their daily routines for optimal well-being.

The app also provides a direct link between patients and doctors through a secure portal. Patients can share timely information about their medications, symptoms, and lifestyle, which helps doctors adjust dosages of new and existing medications and provide more appropriate care and support.

The Ora Pharm app Fills a gap in New Zealand’s healthcare system by helping patients confidently navigate the new world of medicinal cannabis and take control of their wellness journey.

Medicinal cannabis and CBD are used for a wide range of health problems in New Zealand. A growing body of anecdotal and scientific evidence suggests that medicinal cannabis may help improve the quality of life for patients and reduce the unwanted side effects of conventional medications, such as opioids and antidepressants.

The idea for the app arose from a simple question: How can we help patients and physicians improve their understanding of medicinal cannabis and, at the same time, improve healthcare outcomes?

“Hundreds of thousands of people in New Zealand use medicinal cannabis and that number is likely to continue to rise. The app is designed to help these patients and their doctors use medicinal cannabis safely and effectively, ”said Ora Pharma founder and CEO Zoe Reece.

“If we can guide patients through their care journey and help them optimize their treatment plan, reduce side effects from other medications, make better lifestyle choices and stay on track to achieve their goals, then we would expect to see better patient outcomes across the board. “

Reece’s extensive experience in the legal cannabis industry in the United States, where she played a leading role in the expansion of the country’s largest cannabis business Curaleaf, opened his eyes to the importance of supporting and educating patients, which is why Ora Pharma prioritized the development of a patient-centric application.

Ora Pharma Dr Roger Negrete, research director and physician and cannabinoid researcher, says the Ora Pharm app has the potential to improve clinical decision making and reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

“Healthcare apps empower patients by giving them greater control and involvement in their own healthcare. They also improve access to education about drugs and health issues, and help patients and physicians together make more informed decisions, ”says Dr Negrete.

“In addition, healthcare applications reduce the impact on the healthcare system and increase its

effectiveness in reducing the need for doctor and hospital visits, as well as helping to make

more accessible health care for underserved populations, such as those living in remote areas.

A study from Cornell University in the United States found that healthcare apps, similar to Ora Pharm app, can lead to better health outcomes. The study, published in February 2021, found that diabetic patients who used a health tracker app became more independent and motivated to regulate their health behavior on their own, and more engaged and consistent in their lifestyle. and their welfare behavior in 15 months.

Anonymized patient data from the Ora Pharma The app will also help inform the growing medicinal cannabis industry in New Zealand by providing trends and information that can be used to highlight symptoms and conditions that would benefit clinical research and product development. In fact, the recently launched research arm will even allow participants in Phase One to Three clinical trials to provide real-time anonymized data through their OraPharm app on their smartphones.

The Ora Pharm app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Learn more about the Ora Pharma application here.

About Ora Pharm

Ora Pharm is a health and wellness company that develops high quality, sustainably produced medicinal cannabis in Waikato, New Zealand. Our vision is to provide patients, caregivers and physicians with premium herbal health products that promote everyday well-being and improve quality of life. Ora Pharm is licensed to cultivate, manufacture and supply medicinal cannabis in New Zealand and will achieve Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification, the globally recognized quality control system used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

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