NetApp and Narayana Health Develop “Athma” Patient Record System, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Bangalore: Narayana Health, in collaboration with software company NetApp, has unveiled an in-house “Athma” records management system that will enable the company to manage its health data securely and efficiently. NetApp will work with Narayana to modernize its IT systems and implement technological advancements in healthcare management to improve patient care services.

The healthcare provider intends to build a responsive IT infrastructure for faster diagnosis and faster response times, making the process easier for both patients and doctors. To achieve this goal, Narayana Health deployed NetApp technology solutions to develop a patient management system capable of storing and processing patient records. The resulting Athma system can capture, store and retrieve networks at 15 sites to produce the required information. The system allows medical staff and patients to access their entire medical history in a short time, further improving the quality of healthcare services provided by Narayana.

Elaborating on inculcating technology to advance healthcare services, Ramu Manjunath, Core Infrastructure Manager, Narayana Health, said, “NetApp offers a unique approach to data management. Data storage on NetApp is much faster compared to other solution providers. It provided simple and easy infrastructure management solutions for our engineers. The whole move to NetApp was pretty straightforward and seamless from an implementation, architecture, and support perspective. With Athma, patients have complete continuity of their entire medical history. Their history is available in our system and can be retrieved in seconds, so doctors can review and take a call rather than going back and forth to find records or reinvesting in investigations.

The collaboration aims to optimize the efficiency of data storage and management across all sites, helping to advance medical care in India. The centralized data and application storage system Athma is based on NetApp and is made available on the cloud. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP software makes it easy to manage stored data. Two fully replicated data centers, one in Central India and one in South India, perform backup and recovery using Azure NetApp Files and NetApp File Services . The system provides clinical staff with critical and timely information that further enables them to provide better patient care.

Speaking about the positive impact the collaboration aims to bring, Puneet Gupta, General Manager and VP India/SAARC, NetApp India Marketing and Services, said, “Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do at NetApp. Our solutions are designed to be easy to implement and scalable. For new-age healthcare providers, accessibility to health data and records is of paramount importance today. With our heritage and experience in data management, as well as our core technology offerings, we are happy to contribute to the changing healthcare landscape in India. It is an accomplishment to see our solutions directly enable medical practitioners to provide better medical care to those in need.

Narayana Health’s hospital system plans to expand the number of locations and add more clinical services in more than 60 specialties. with the help of NetApp. Cloud Volumes ONTAP will provide tools such as NetApp Active IQ® Digital Advisor to help the hospital manage and optimize costs.

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