Mor Prom will transition from Covid to full healthcare app

Developed and evolved during the pandemic to become a multi-purpose Covid-19 hub, the Mor Prom mobile app will now experience new life as Thailand’s e-health platform. The app was originally created as a Covid infection tracker, but quickly evolved into a source for coronavirus information, vaccine appointment scheduling and confirmation, and a reporting tool. communication allowing the government to keep the public informed about the pandemic.

Now, in collaboration with private companies, the Ministry of Public Health aims to convert the Mor Prom app into a national digital health hub, with a host of new features. The new expanded Mor Prom will go beyond Covid to try to link the Kingdom’s public health services, hospitals, doctors and pharmacies.

The ministry is developing 12 key new features in hopes of creating a cohesive and convenient healthcare system that connects Thais to health services and pharmacies, expanding the 15,000 already connected to the Mor Prom app.

A key feature of many of the government’s Covid-era digital launches was a lack of security, with customer and patient data being stored unencrypted, and many services crashing or being hacked upon launch. . The National Cybersecurity Agency and the Electronic Transactions Development Agency have been asked to develop robust security to follow international security standards in handling online transactions and digital health information in hopes of avoid future embarrassing security breaches.

Several of the new features have already been announced, with the first being connected to Covid using data that Mor Prom has already processed, and is expected to roll out within the next two months:

  1. Vaccination certificates may be displayed in the app to be used as proof of vaccination for travel and other purposes.
  2. PCR and ATK test results will be stored and displayed in Mor Prom app.
  3. Covid testing locations can be searched to find a local testing facility.
  4. A beacon system will be launched allowing people to easily check in to sites via the Mor Prom app.

More features are in the pipeline with future services set to launch soon, including a chatbot, health policy information resources, digital health certificate display, and money and gift donation services. organs. Later updates will include the inclusion of health insurance policy details, healthcare appointment scheduling, a medical history display and telemedicine where healthcare professionals can use the app Mor Prom to meet and diagnose patients only.

THE SOURCE: National Information Bureau of Thailand

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