Irish Life logos cut from health website

A company set up last year to make it easier for uninsured patients to buy private health care has removed Irish Life logos from its website and marketing materials at the insurer’s request.

The logos were used by Letsbuyhealthcare as Irish Life’s ILP Pension Trustees DAC provides governance and oversight services for the company.

Letsbuyhealthcare chief executive David Allen said his company had removed two small Irish Life logos from its website, but was now facing demands from Irish Life for more changes.

Letsbuyhealthcare has no connection with Irish Life or Irish Life Health, he said.

“We have a monitoring agreement with ILP Pension Trustees DAC which is part of the Irish Life group. ILP Pension Trustees DAC has been great to work with and has acted in good faith at all times, ”he said.

However, he said Irish Life appeared to be concerned that references to it could be seen as an endorsement.

Mr Allen confirmed he had requested an urgent meeting with Irish Life Health CEO Gerard Davis to discuss the matter, but had yet to receive a response.

“So to bring the matter to a close, we publicly and explicitly confirm that although ILP Pension Trustees DAC is part of the Irish Life Group, they provide full governance and oversight services.

“This does NOT mean that Irish Life Health and / or Irish Life is related to Letsbuyhealthcare, the Private Health Co-Op or the Healthcare Coin Fund,” he said.

Letsbuyhealthcare was launched nationwide in early November by Mr. Allen, former chief financial officer of the National Treatment Purchase Fund and John Looney, former director of Vhi.

The company’s model is to display the prices of care to providers such as private
hospitals and clinics that
people without insurance can access it by purchasing tokens redeemable for treatment.

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