IQVIA Hackathon Offers $ 30,000 Nonprofit Donation to Top Healthcare App Developer


IQVIA, a healthcare information technology and clinical research solutions provider, is currently hosting its COVID-19 Healthcare App Challenge, a hackathon-style competition for developers who want to take advantage of the recently released IQVIA HealthCare Locator SDK. Developers can register for the event here and have until June 28 to submit an app that helps consumers locate and engage healthcare providers in their area.

The COVID-19 Healthcare App Challenge is open to all mobile and web developers interested in using the IQVIA SDK to create an app that helps underserved communities that have been affected by COVID-19. On July 19, a jury of experts in DevOps and the life sciences will announce the winner of the competition.

We spoke to IQVIA Technical Director David Clarke, who explained that one of the main goals of the hackathon is to “facilitate impactful giving to charities that … help serve underserved communities and help them cope. to the impacts of COVID-19 ”. To this end, all monetary prizes will be donated to a participating charity of the winner’s choice, including Good360, GlobalGiving, Asian Pacific Fund, etc. The prices are as follows:

  • 1st place: donation of US $ 30,000. Exclusive networking sessions with a Chief Data Scientist from IQVIA and an Executive IT Manager from Microsoft.
  • 2nd place: donation of USD 15,000.
  • 3rd place: donation of US $ 6,500.
  • Better The integration: Donation of US $ 4,500.
  • 4 honorable mentions winners: donations of US $ 1,000.

Asked about IQVIA’s history with hackathons, Clarke explained that this was the first public hackathon held on this scale for the company. Currently there are over 500 participants and the hackathon is a fully virtual event hosted on the Devpost Platform. According to Clarke, IQVIA sees the platform as a platform that has a large audience and is well suited for hosting events of this type.

The IQVIA HealthCare Locator SDK enables application developers to access a database that includes records from 21.5 million healthcare providers and 2.5 million healthcare organizations worldwide .

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