IQVIA Covid19 health app challenge


IQVIA announced the details of the COVID-19 Healthcare App Challenge, a hackathon-style competition for developers who want to take advantage of the recently released IQVIA HealthCare Locator SDK. Starting today, developers can register for the hackathon here and will have until June 28 to develop an app to help consumers locate and engage healthcare providers in their area.

The COVID-19 Healthcare App Challenge is open to anyone or team wishing to develop an app using the IQVIA SDK to help users improve their health. The winners will be announced on July 19 and will be judged by a panel of DevOps and life science experts, including Alan Shimel of and TechStrong TV. As a Hackathon for Good, all monetary prizes will be donated to a participating charity of choice such as Good360, GlobalGiving, Asian Pacific Fund, and more. Contest winners will receive:

1st place: donation of 30,000 USD
Exclusive networking sessions with a Chief Data Scientist from IQVIA and an Executive IT Manager from Microsoft

2nd place: donation of 15,000 USD

3rd place: donation of US $ 6,500

Better integration: donation of 4,500 USD

4 honorable mentions winners: donations of $ 1,000

The IQVIA Healthcare Locator SDK enables mobile application developers to integrate information about healthcare providers and organizations into their applications designed to help users find healthcare services in their area. Developers can seamlessly integrate HCPs and organization information in just hours, as the SDK can connect any mHealth application to the database, which includes trusted records for 21.5 million people. HCP and 2.5 million organizations worldwide, updated in real time. Developers can add HCP location and mapping to applications with predefined map search and display screens, give users the ability to share profiles and find specialist vendors.

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