Health technology: what is it + how it’s used


Technology-infused tools are implemented in all sectors of the healthcare industry.

Uses of health technology

Use of technology in health care

The uses of technology in healthcare are seemingly endless. Technology is being implemented in everything from hospital administrative processes to cancer research and surgery to improve efficiency across the industry and to make the patient experience as well. painless as possible.


A host of software, tools and applications make it easier for hospitals to manage their growing administrative workloads. Artificial intelligence helps administrative teams streamline patient flows by doing everything from accurately calculating wait times to forecasting peak hours for staff scheduling. Meanwhile, the apps ask patients preliminary questions and prioritize schedules so doctors can use their time more efficiently.


Surgery has seen some of the greatest improvements in efficiency and advancements in health technology over the years. As you read this, robots help with a variety of operations, from minor non-invasive procedures to open heart surgery. These robotic surgical assistants come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a tiny robot that crawls across the surface of the heart to a giant arm that acts as an extra pair of hands during procedures.

However, robots aren’t the only technology invading the operating room. Virtual and augmented reality helps physicians and surgeons better perform various important tasks, such as practicing new surgical techniques or explaining procedures in more detail to patients.

Drug development

The pharmaceutical industry is relying on AI and machine learning to fuel a new wave of drug research and development. These tools are currently used in various aspects of the industry to help speed up tedious tasks, such as identifying certain chemical combinations that might help create the optimal drug and identifying which patients might get the most benefit from it. ‘a particular drug trial.


Fitness is obviously becoming an increasingly important goal of the health technology ecosystem. The industry has developed hundreds of wearable devices, apps, and other tools that do everything from tracking our workouts to measuring our sleep schedules, all in the name of improving fitness and the reduction of avoidable costs on the health care system.

Diagnosis and reduction of errors

The healthcare industry is now using a variety of technological tools to tackle one of its main problems: incorrect or late diagnosis. By infusing technology into genetics, pathology, and other important diagnostic areas, healthcare tech companies have helped detect deadly diseases like cancer earlier and with greater precision than relying solely on humans.

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Mental Health

Mental health is one of the emerging areas of healthcare that is truly benefiting from an influx of technology. Virtual reality is seen as a bright light in the fight against depression, PTSD and even Alzheimer’s disease. Through exposure therapy, patients gradually train their brains to develop immunity to past trauma until these thoughts no longer affect them negatively. Additionally, telemedicine apps have made it easier to access counselors and healthcare professionals by opening lines of communication and support, and reducing the need to wait for an in-person appointment during times of stress.

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