Health technology provider SONIFI Health adds HealthTouch integration to streamline patient meal ordering processes

Patients can place meal orders on SONIFI Health’s interactive TVs, as well as its mobile app for hospital-provided tablets and BYOD solutions. Meal order information can also be displayed on SONIFI Health’s digital whiteboards.

“For HealthTouch, we continually strive to help hospitals provide a safe and healthy in-room dining experience for their patients, without increasing the workload of staff,” said George Speropolous, President and CEO of MCR Technologies. “Integrating our software with SONIFI Health’s platform creates a seamless process that saves staff time and gives patients flexibility and control, without compromising the safety measures hospitals have in place for dietary needs. patients.”

“Anything we can do to simplify technology for our customers has always been a top priority,” said Roy Kosuge, Managing Director of SONIFI Health. “So as we continued to talk with our customers about their goals and initiatives to deliver exceptional patient experiences, integration with HealthTouch was an absolute ‘of course’ for us. We are proud to offer this functionality. integrated on our interactive platform in hospitals around the world.

About MCR Technologies

MCR Technologies is the leading provider of patient and food service nutrient management software systems. Our flagship product, HealthTouch®, is installed in over 500 healthcare facilities and has helped millions of patients over the past 20 years. While we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge technology solutions and excellent customer service, our most salient strength is our ability to continuously innovate. To learn more, visit

About SONIFI Health

SONIFI Health provides proven interactive technology solutions to improve patient engagement, outcomes and staff productivity. The system is delivered on multiple technology platforms, including mobile devices, TVs, computers and digital displays, to improve the patient and family experience while increasing hospital operational efficiency . As part of SONIFI Solutions Inc., the company supports over 500 million end-user experiences annually. Learn more at


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