Half a billion dollar health app market



By Katie Wike, contributing writer

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According to a report by Kalorama Information, the 2015 medical applications market is worth nearly $ 490 million and is growing.

Medical applications are a half-billion dollar industry, according to an analysis by Information about Kalorama. In 2015 alone, the medical apps market was worth $ 489 million, with nearly 40% of sales coming from health monitoring apps.

“There are many benefits to being involved in this segment of care and hospitals, caregivers, device manufacturers and patients continue to embrace and use this technology,” said Bruce Carlson, editor. by Kalorama Information in a Press release.

MobiHealth News reports that the most common types of health surveillance apps are those that track diabetes and heart disease. Other areas are showing widespread adoption as well, including tracking behavioral and mental health, cancer, respiratory disorders, pain, and obesity.

While apps appear to be a straightforward solution for communicating with patients, according to Healthcare IT Outcomes, many applications are not well suited to their potential users. For example, many apps are difficult for visually impaired users to use. This is quickly becoming a problem as there are many healthcare apps aimed at chronically ill people such as diabetics and the obese, many of whom have vision problems associated with their illnesses.

In addition, many question the security of these applications and the integrity of the sometimes sensitive data they collect. In a recent Veracode Reportedly, the healthcare industry does poorly when it comes to securing application software and protecting user data. “Given the large amount of sensitive data collected by healthcare organizations, it is of concern that 80% of healthcare applications have cryptographic issues such as weak algorithms during initial assessment,” wrote the report’s authors. with reference to authentication protocols.


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