Florida Senator Marco Rubio goes COVID-omicron idiot on Twitter


With the arrival of the omicon variant, residents of Miami-Dade County are looking for COVID tests by the thousands.


Where’s David Letterman when you need him?

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio deserves his own list of the top ten COVID lies.

His hometown of Miami continues to be the state’s epicenter of the raging coronavirus pandemic, this time more contagious in its latest incarnation, the omicron, a variant named after the 15th letter. of the Greek alphabet.

Almost two years later, most of us – and especially elected officials – should be pros at promoting best practices to help the public stay safe, or at least as safe as possible.

Still, the record numbers of infected, rising hospitalized and people still dying mean nothing to the senator, who is better suited to Republican foreign policy talking points than dispensing on the fly silly, contemptuous – and dangerous – public- health information.

Rubio is so out of his league about COVID-19 that he continues to strike the wrong deal at the worst time, and in the most public way – via his favorite soapbox, Twitter. It’s like he’s doing it on purpose for the show.

Just when you think he couldn’t go, the senator becomes an even worse caricature of himself.

Infection is preventable, senator

As news of a prominent 46-year-old California anti-vaccine (all vaccines) lawyer died from COVID on Tuesday, Rubio tweeted this:

“We have a record number of cases because Omicron INFECTION is virtually impossible to prevent. But we have strong evidence that Omicron DISEASE is much less severe ”, he said.

That omicron infection is “virtually impossible to prevent” is blatantly and malignantly wrong. We have infections because people don’t wear masks. And although this new variant infects even the vaccinated, the symptoms were less severe, causing their legs to drop under the anti-vaccine’s ludicrous argument that vaccines don’t work.

Omicron spreads more easily, which makes it so dangerous. But Rubio selects half-truths. It gives the impression that the situation is desperate, that there is nothing to be done. It disseminates dangerous information that could cost the lives of unvaccinated people, who are more vulnerable to the disease.

“It’s time to get back to normal and learn how to coexist with an endemic virus by managing the risks and mitigating the damage,” Rubio continues, never bothering to tell people that vaccination and wearing a mask are the best ways to mitigate damage.

Whether it is an endemic virus remains to be seen. We don’t know what will happen in three months. Perhaps the coronavirus will become endemic like the flu, but medical experts are not even going there yet.

Instead, they’re desperately sifting through the science and begging states like Florida to be more transparent with theirs because it’s critical to weigh everything from risk and likelihood to treatment.

“It calls for a little caution in interpreting scientific data,” a Miami-based COVID expert tells me. “We don’t know what can happen in three months. When it comes to sorting data, the problem is with data that changes daily. … Uncertainty shapes the new science.

The expert points to the monoclonal treatments that Governor Ron DeSantis continues to plug in despite the fact that “the evidence is sketchy” and that they don’t work very well.

“The most spectacular development is the vaccines that work,” he said. “To suggest otherwise is a sad and cruel deception. If everyone had worn a mask when we said, ‘Wear a mask’, if everyone had been vaccinated, we would have a lot less deaths.”

What Rubio is saying is not based on good science and, certainly, is not good public policy.

But he continues to embarrass himself with jokes like, “A record number of positive tests for a sore throat is not a seizure,” downplaying COVID and demeaning people’s suffering.

Not only that of those infected, but other patients indirectly, and suddenly again, affected by the changes in visitation policy to hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes to prevent the spread. People who feel lonely and isolated with no family at their bedside once again.

Rubio is also turning a blind eye to the havoc omicron is creating on exhausted workplaces like government, schools and health departments due to staff shortages due to the infection and the need to quarantine. people who come in contact with COVID-infected.

Of course, no crisis at all.

But ask Florida firefighters who work 24 hours a day, 72 hour shifts.

COVID hospitrising alizations

As Florida breaks COVID infection records with staggering numbers, Rubio tweeted on January 3 of this stream of consciousness, with no rules. My annotations are in brackets.

“There is no” surge “at the Omicron hospital in Florida [false, say medical personnel living again through the exhaustion of being care providers]

“People admitted for reasons unrelated to COVID get tested [true, of course they should; don’t you think their healthcare workers deserve to know this?]

“If they test positive, they are counted as ‘COVID patient’ [and why not?]

“The majority of the 5,400 ‘COVID patients’ in #Florida are in hospital for reasons unrelated to COVID. ” [The point being? Maybe you broke a bone, come to the hospital with COVID, develop pneumonia from it and die.]

COVID can become the most important thing you are in the hospital for.

It’s as if Rubio is deliberately twisting the information to confuse and push the Republican argument that everything is going to swell in Florida, that the DeSantis-led GOP executive has the pandemic under control when in fact they know they are do not.

And U.S. too.

But guess who doesn’t?

People listening to Rubio and DeSantis influenced nonsense on Cuban radio in Miami.

People listening to conservative radio in Red Florida.

People who don’t listen to any media, but soak up the dominant lies.

If the handling of COVID in this state was going as well as Rubio and DeSantis want us to believe, why is the state withholding information and cheating on us about the data? Why can’t the Department of Health show statistics on who gets the COVID vaccine and who isn’t?

No one asks for patient names, just numbers. It is particularly perverse.

The truth is that a public official in the rank of Rubio spreading misleading and false information makes us all less immune – not just from COVID, but everything.

This story was originally published January 5, 2022 6:00 a.m.

Award-winning columnist Fabiola Santiago has written on all things Miami since 1980, when the Mariel boat lift became her first front page article. Cuban refugee child of Freedom Flights, she is also the author of essays, short fiction films and the novel “Reclaiming Paris”.
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