Discussing the Future of Health Tech in Summer #MACoCon – Conduit Street

At this year’s MACo Summer Conference, officials from Maryland’s Department of Human Services provided an in-depth view of MD THINK, a cloud-based public service that is revolutionizing service delivery across the state. .

The renewed and intensified focus on public health has forced state and local governments to rethink how they deliver essential, often life-saving services to their communities. The State of Maryland has invested in a streamlined approach to health and social service delivery through the Maryland Total Human Services Integrated Network (MD THINK). This cloud-based platform is the first of its kind in state government and provides a one-stop-shop online. -shop for everything from Medicaid to housing and energy assistance. The platform was recently expanded to enable more robust public health analyzes to inform policy and program decision-making to reduce overdoses.

Board Member Pfeffer, a member of the MACo Board of Directors, introduced the session and its speakers. Senior Advisor Shank explained the need to move programs from the Maryland Department of Human Services to a more modern cloud platform. He pointed out that prior to MD THINK, many Ministry programs operated in silos to the detriment of anyone who approached the Ministry for assistance.

Executive Director Muniasamy discussed the logistics of building such a large cloud-based utility. The project began with an initial investment of $200 million and the platform will soon be expanded to cover Maryland Department of Health functions. Gibson, director of business strategy, focused on how MD THINK can integrate data to make it more useful to workers and the public. She gave an example of how the utility has created a profile of people at risk of opioid-related overdose, helping the ministry connect those people with needed services.


  • Chris Shank, Senior Advisor, Office of the Governor
  • Subi Muniasamy, Executive Director, MD THINK
  • Marianne Gibson, Chief of Staff and Chief Commercial Strategy Officer, MD THINK


  • The Honorable Council Member Lenny Pfeffer

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