Color Quest AR Children’s Healthcare app exceeds 1 million downloads



Stayhealthy’s popular Color Quest AR app, dedicated to educating and engaging kids about their health using augmented reality, coloring and health facts, just hit the mark million downloads. The Snack Town All-Stars, a group made up of characters from the world of Color Quest, reached number 5 on Apple Music’s children’s Christmas playlist with their latest release, “The Healthy Holiday Mashup.”

“We are delighted to see the All Stars become a leader in children’s music and entertainment,” said Paul Ring, President of Stayhealthy Music and Entertainment. “To be recognized by Apple Music and added to their children’s Christmas playlist is very gratifying when we are in the company of Raffi, Baby Shark, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Frozen and White Christmas. The best part of everything is knowing that the kids will celebrate the holidays by staying active and singing healthy food songs.

“It’s great to see how the Color Quest brand and the Snack Town All-Stars character set are developing. It’s pretty amazing that the Color Quest YouTube video has over 29 million views, but we’re especially proud that the app received 5 star reviews from the Apple Educational App Store and was the app. educational trend number one on Google Play, ”said John Collins, CEO of Stayhealthy. “Now, with the app’s 1 million downloads, it really sends the message that parents and kids welcome the opportunity to learn more about health and nutrition while having fun. “

The new version of Snack Town All-Stars, “The Healthy Holiday Mashup,” features a mix of the most popular holiday songs with fun health messages throughout. The track is the latest of Stayhealthy Music and Entertainment’s music and dance videos for kids that combine active engagement and healthy living education. The group’s first release, “The Stayhealthy Shake,” which has over 700,000 views on YouTube (and with the Holiday Mashup now boasts over 100,000 streams), was developed to meet the company’s continuing mission of ” encourage children to be more active.

Stayhealthy Music and Entertainment was founded by Stayhealthy, Inc., a company dedicated to innovating new ways to engage, educate and empower people about their personal health and well-being. The new company recently signed with Universal Music Group the worldwide distribution of its children’s music.

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About Stayhealthy, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Stayhealthy Inc. is a healthcare technology company that has brought together the most advanced tools to measure, track and modify the health and wellness status of millions of users. Over the decades, Stayhealthy has learned what goes wrong in healthcare and as a result has identified engagement, education and retention as its primary strategic initiatives. Stayhealthy is now launching a mobile platform with applications based on highly accurate and clinically valid screening tools delivered with patented augmented reality technology.

Led by President and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Governor Tommy Thompson, Stayhealthy’s mission has focused on tackling the growing epidemic of diseases directly linked to excess body fat, such as many cancers, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

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