CES Innovation Award-Winning Pet Healthcare App ‘TTcare’ to Showcase in Las Vegas

Seoul, South Korea, December 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AI FOR PET will attend “CES (Consumer Electronics Show)”, the world’s largest technology exhibition held in Vegas of January 5 (GAME) at January 8 (SAT) 2022.

AI FOR PET has developed a comprehensive pet health care application service based on AI technology, TTcare. Users only need their mobile phone and the TTcare app to take care of their pets’ health. When a user takes a photo of their pet’s eyes or any part of their body with a smartphone, the artificial intelligence informs them whether or not there are any potential symptoms related to an eye or skin disease. the skin. In addition to diagnostic features, there is weight management, behavior analysis, and other features. These features allow users to manage their pet based on breed, age, and disease history.

TTcare will be presented at CES

AI FOR PET started developing TTcare based on a research study “CNN-based diagnostic models for canine ulcerative keratitis” published in the journal Scientific Report 2019. By learning major body parts such as the eyes, ears, feet and other parts of pets, the algorithm automatically detects and optimizes the areas to be analyzed. It harvests them and determines if they may have a potential disease using various ensemble models based on neural network algorithms.

TTcare is the world’s first smartphone app to determine if a disease exists using images of pets’ eyes or skin. TTcare is also the first product to be officially approved by the Korean government for “artificial intelligence-based medical device software for animals” rather than a general pet service. By being selected as the winner of the CES 2022 Innovation Award, TTcare’s technology and innovation have been validated.

TTcare has been selected as the winner of the CES 2022 Innovation Award
TTcare has been selected as the winner of the CES 2022 Innovation Award

TTcare prevents deterioration of disease and health complications in pets, thereby reducing medical expenses due to unnecessary hospital visits. It will also recognize and manage neglected diseases in advance, since most pet owners do not have expertise in pet diseases.

CES Euna Huh said, “Our app supports disease identification and periodic health care from the comfort of the user’s home, so that pets and pet owners can live together a healthy life for a long time.”

AI FOR PET launched TTcare in late 2020 in Korea and plans to launch an English-language service in the first half of 2022 to serve pet owners around the world.

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