Bumrungrad unveils health technology

Bumrungrad unveils health technology

Focus on robotics, genetic testing

Ms Artirat says the hospital has embraced robot-assisted surgery, using the da Vinci Surgical System to perform operations on multiple organ systems.

Bumrungrad Hospital announces its vision to be the leader in smart healthcare 5.0 technology, aiming to provide holistic medical care to all patients.

In 2022, Bumrungrad plans to focus on two medical advances: robotic surgery and genetic testing. The hospital has adopted robot-assisted surgery, using the da Vinci Surgical System to perform operations on multiple organ systems.

The company also provides comprehensive genomic and genetic testing to assess the risk of developing hereditary diseases as well as to actively prevent certain diseases, such as cancer and coronary heart disease.

Comprehensive genomic and genetic testing also helps plan a pregnancy and prevent birth-born genetic disorders, the hospital said. This information allows the hospital to prevent harmful reactions to certain drugs, allowing doctors to choose the best drug or alternative for each patient.

Artirat Charukitpipat, chief executive of Bumrungrad International Hospital, said Bumrungrad had been in operation for 42 years and remained true to its original vision.

“We strive to be a Thai hospital that meets international safety standards by providing healthcare services and the best treatment to every visitor,” Ms Artirat said.

“We are not only looking for profit, we also take into account corporate social responsibility.”

Bumrungrad is determined to improve quaternary care and expand its centers to develop expertise in treating all complex medical conditions, she said.

The hospital’s multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals work together to provide the best treatment.

Ms Artirat said Bumrungrad’s strengths lie in the 3Cs: intensive care, complicated care and expertise collaboration.

Critical care means innovative medical technology and systematic management keep the team performing in peak condition and ready to provide 24/7 care, she said.

Complicated care focuses on having specialist teams with expertise in treating complex medical conditions in patients with multiple comorbidities or difficult-to-diagnose conditions, Ms. Artirat said.

The Center of Excellence offers holistic treatment for every medical condition as well as kidney, heart, liver and eye transplants.

Bumrungrad is the first private hospital in Thailand to successfully perform heart transplants in patients with congestive heart failure, she said.

When it comes to expertise collaboration, Bumrungrad’s multidisciplinary teams of doctors and specialists come together to deliver medical care that yields the best results, especially in the treatment of rare diseases, Ms. Artirat said.

More than 80% of the rare diseases diagnosed in Bumrungrad are hereditary, such as lysosomal storage disorders or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Bumrungrad’s wellness and prevention strategy has helped provide personalized and innovative medical care such as genomic and genetic testing to predict and prevent drug allergies, she said.

Dr Taveesin Tanprayoon, Chief Medical Officer of Bumrungrad, said doctors play a vital role in strengthening the corporate culture of the hospital.

“In Bumrungrad, doctors adhere to international medical standards and ethics,” Dr Taveesin said.

“We are recruiting new physicians who have the expertise and experience to team up with our current specialists in treating all medical conditions and to provide the best medical care and treatment outcomes to our patients.”

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