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Dr Bill Releford (Courtesy photo)

Finding medical assistance is now much easier, thanks to the Black Doctor 247 app. The new internet resource aims to reduce health disparities within the black community.

According to Dr Bill Releford, the app was developed by a coalition of black healthcare professionals in response to the COVID-19 crisis, which has devastated African American and Latino communities. With Black Doctor 247, anyone in the United States can access a Black Doctor.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and highlighted long-standing health disparities within the black community. Complications from cardiovascular disease such as diabetic wounds and subsequent amputations are on the rise. The driving force behind this is that people are sheltering in place and cannot contact their doctors in a timely manner, ”Releford explained.

“The BlackDoctor247 app brings the doctor to the patient by leveraging the power of technology. Essentially, we are providing the solution to the problem. Thanks to our technology, we are able to assess the patient’s state of health without leaving the house, ”he said.

Several barber shop events are planned in the Greater LA area where clients can virtually visit a black doctor, right inside the barber shop, using the BlackDoctor247 app and technology. Additionally, Releford said the Black Doctor 247 app connects several campaigns, including the Black Barbershop health awareness program, Black Limbs Matter, and The Black Beauty Salon Health Initiative.

With the Black Doctor 247 app, anyone in the United States can access a Black Doctor. (Courtesy photo)

Releford has practiced as a podiatric surgeon specializing in amputation prevention and wound care for almost 35 years. He is also an Associate Professor at the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science.

Since he founded the Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program in 2006, the initiative has screened more than 30,000 African American men for diabetes and high blood pressure at more than 750 black-owned hair salons across the country. country.

“The Black Doctor 247 builds on the existing efforts of the Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program, which is the only national barber-based health advocacy organization in the country. Our mission is to identify and educate over a million men by 2025, ”added Releford, who was recognized for his campaign in 2011 by former President Barack Obama.

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