Arkansas Veterans Chair Yoga Helps with Mobility and Attitude

Veterans enrolled in VA have many options for their care and well-being. One option that brings an array of benefits, especially to older veterans, is yoga.

Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System’s Whole Health program includes tai chi, mindfulness, movement, yoga, and other wellness programs. Yoga instructor Chuna Rai-Nelson brings over 30 years of experience to classes for registered veterans.

Improve your ability to do more things than you want

She offers a variety of yoga techniques for veterans looking to increase range of motion, improve blood circulation and muscle strength, increase flexibility and stability, improve balance, and bring calm to their body. life.

Every Friday, she leads a chair yoga class at the Oaklawn Center on Aging in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Navy veteran Camila Norton and Air Force veteran Dirk Nelson teach every Friday.


Moving the body can help prevent and treat dozens of diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Body movement is any activity that uses your energy to move the large muscles in your body. Some activities increase your endurance, while others improve your strength, flexibility, or balance. Moving your body in these ways can improve your ability to do more things than you want.

VA has a wealth of resources and tools here that will help you explore ways to move your body, set goals, and achieve success.

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