5 incredible healthcare app ideas for startups to turn the pandemic into an opportunity


Since before the COVID-19 pandemic, the market for mobile health applications has been growing exponentially and the rise of this unforeseen situation will cause the industry to grow more than estimated.

According to Mobile health time report; The global mHealth market is expected to experience an annual growth rate of around 33.5% by 2020.

The use of healthcare apps has not only improved patient engagement, but also made people more health-oriented by sticking to healthy eating and exercise recommended by health experts. fitness and doctors. It has revolutionized the way of providing medical assistance in terms of prescriptions, consultations and treatments.

The survey indicates that;

  • Almost 52% of people use smartphone apps to get health related information like diagnosis, prescription, exercise routine, etc.
  • About 80% of healthcare professionals use mHealth apps to make tasks efficient and streamlined.

With the statistics above, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that health is the best area for aspiring entrepreneurs to start a new startup, because people pay so much money for quality health services.

This article will help you identify some of the best healthcare app ideas and how building those apps can help startups turn a pandemic into an opportunity. So, without wasting too much time, let’s get started!

1. Diet Tracker / Weight Loss App:

Transforming fat into shape is something everyone wants. According to the Polaris market research, the global fitness apps market is expected to grow by $ 14.7 billion by 2026. Just look at the numbers below. Weight loss apps dominate the list as the # 1 healthcare app with 50 million downloads.

Consider the Fat Secret app. This application helps the user to stay in shape by allowing him to quickly track his food intake. This app allows users to keep track of the food they eat as well as the amount. It also has features like a weight tracker, diet calendar, and barcode reader.

To make your app stand out from the existing regulated apps in the market, you can add features like below:

  • Consult a high-level nutritionist.
  • Include a list of low fat recipes with information on measurements and calories.
  • Include various reminders like bedtime, water intake, calorie intake, step counter, etc.
  • Sync the app with various mobile health apps available on the user’s device.

2. Online drug delivery application

This type of application is in high demand and the reason is quite simple – COVID-19. We are fighting against the invisible enemy which is here for a long time. The only way to overcome it is to stay at home as much as possible.

In such a case, the drug delivery app comes to the rescue. If someone is feeling sick, they will not be in a hurry to go to a medical store to buy medicine. In such cases, these apps can deliver the required medications to your doorstep according to the downloaded prescription.

You can even add a monthly delivery feature if the medication is for a longer duration.

3. Dependency recovery application

Everyone has other types of addictions, don’t they? But some addictions are life threatening.

Alcohol, nicotine, drugs, caffeine, phone, sugar are addictions that can rob you of everything: life, family, all the time.

Let’s say we have addiction recovery app. To get out of this endless chain, the app should have features like:

  • Video Chat: Individual consultation with rehabilitation physicians with patients.
  • Chat integration: Chat and chat with experts.
  • Community: Create and share addict community success stories for a positive impression on addict mindset.
  • Online exercise: Entertain the mind and do some exercise to get out of this vulnerable shell.

4. Medicine price comparison app

Since the price of the prescription differs from one pharmacy to another, this app allows users to compare the price of the drug from different pharmacists before making a purchasing decision.

A user just needs to enter the name of the drug along with the details of its contents and it will display the price list in the various stores nearby in real time scenarios.

You can even use filters like discount, alternative medicine, stock availability. It can help consumers save a huge amount of their income.

5. Appointment booking application

The doctor’s appointment app is quite simple and easy to use. It is primarily developed for healthcare professionals seeking to practice in private clinics or hospitals. Many renowned healthcare professionals and doctors are building their healthcare apps to schedule appointments for their patients and see them in person.

You can create your own doctor application on demand with features allowing doctors and patients to connect in person via chat, schedule a video call consultation, make an appointment, set medication and appointment reminders, reminders for regular check-up , to know their availability for a home visit, etc.


As in all other sectors, the development of mobile applications offers much more potential in the health sector. But the only question that needs to be answered is, are you ready to dive in and tap into this industry with a one-of-a-kind mobile health app that satisfies the user’s weak spots?

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