Health Technology Company Emme Closes $ 2.5 Million Funding Round, Announces Launch of Integrated Technology-Based Contraception Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, 25 Aug 2020 / PRNewswire / – Emme, a health technology company focused on women’s health, today announced the launch of the Emme Smart Case, an integrated solution designed to reduce the failure rate by 9% of contraceptive pills. The smart-tech device solves the most important problem women face with birth control pills – pill adherence. The Emme Smart Case is now available for purchase at, and the Emme Pill and Health tracking app is available in the App Store.

The company also announced $ 2.5 million in the seed financing led by Magnetic Ventures with the participation of existing investors. Founding partner of the firm, Christine aylward, joined the board of directors, as well as an experienced healthcare innovator and CEO of Evidation Deborah Kilpatrick. Christine and Deborah bring to Emme extensive experience in the medical device, digital health and pharmacy industries.

About 10 million women use the pill in United States each year for contraception and health management. While the pill must be taken on time every day to be effective, 80% of women forget at least one pill a month. “Emme is the first company to offer a complete, comprehensive birth control solution,” said Christine aylward, Founder and Managing Partner of Magnetic Ventures. “Many companies ship pills, but no other company can tell you when to take the pill and when to use back-up contraception to avoid getting pregnant. It may seem simple to comply with the management of the pill – but pregnancy rates during oral contraception prove that it is not. “

People on the pill are currently dependent on memory, alarms or apps. Unfortunately, missed pills are common with these solutions as they are prone to user error and alarm fatigue. Motivated to solve this urgent health problem, Amanda French and Janene Fürch, MD, co-founded Emme in 2017 during their fellowship at the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign. “Missed pills lead to nearly a million unregistered pregnancies. United States every year. They also disrupt the hormonal balance causing side effects such as bleeding, nausea, mood swings and headaches, ”French explained. “After hearing stories from hundreds of women about the stress of the pill, I knew we could help improve the effectiveness of the pill. by solving the problem of technology buy-in. ”

Emme offers the first integrated system, which takes the burden of remembering to take the pill and alerts users at risk when back-up contraception is needed. The Emme Smart Case is compatible with over 100 brands of birth control pills and uses patent pending multi-sensor technology to track when pills are taken. The smart case syncs with the app to send persistent personalized reminders until the dose is taken and provides relevant health information. Users can also manage their cycles with tracking of mood, symptoms, and side effects. In beta testing, the Emme Smart Case and the app reduced the number of missed pills by 80%, while 85% of participants reported better pill confidence.

“Technology has evolved rapidly over the past decade,” French said. “It’s exciting that we can now apply smart technology to improve the effectiveness of the pill for millions of women and help solve the industry-wide pill adherence challenge.

About Emme:
Emme is a healthcare technology company with a mission to put women’s health in women’s hands, starting with birth control. Their first product, the Emme Smart Case and App, is an integrated technology solution designed to protect the contraceptive experience and help reduce the rate of missed pills. The Emme Smart Case uses patent pending multi-sensor technology to track when pills are taken. The smart case syncs with the app to send persistent personalized reminders until the dose is taken and provides contraceptive advice when needed. The app also gives users a comprehensive view of their health by supporting cycle, mood, and side effects tracking. Emme was co-founded in 2017 by Amanda French and Janene Fürch, MD. The pill changed women’s health forever in 1960 — Emme makes it fit for the 21st century. For more information visit

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